Lesbian nurses take advantage of their female patients and sexually molest them

asian lesbians medical fetish porn video



A great lesbian fetish video for fans if Japanese lesbian domination and also medical fetish fun.  Did you ever play doctors and nurses when you were younger?  So fun and so naughty well the staff at this medical clinic have never really got over their perversions and use the facility live out their desires on their unsuspecting patients.  With a staff of one male doctor and 2 female nurses the group take advantage of any poor girl who enters their office and make sure to give them a full body naked examination.

The lesbian nurses are especially hot in this video and instruct their patient to take off her panties before lying her back in the examination chair with her legs spread high in the stirrups.  To make sure she is healthy they begin to fondle her pussy and rub their hands over her body as the young patient looks around anxiously.

Restrained in the chair the lesbian  nurses set to work feeling her boobs and licking their bare pussies and at one point one of the nurses puts on a strap on dildo and begins to fuck the poor girl who although confused and apprehensive can’t help but be turned on by the whole thing and all the intimate attention she is getting and begins to squirt her pussy juice all over the floor, it literally gushes out of her vagina as she moans in sexual bliss.  A great lesbian fetish video for fans if Japanese lesbian domination and also medical fetish fun.

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Sensual and tender lesbian kissing and armpit licking with cute Japanese teen foursome



This is not your typical hardcore lesbian porn movie and contains many fetish elements which the Japanese excel at with the focus being on girls kissing. featuring 4 very cute girls and lots of slow and tender deep french kissing and tongue play, lots of tender feeling of each others bodies and even an interesting armpit licking fetish which is popular in Japan and among some western men.  Perhaps not for everybody but for many is like the hottest thing ever.

The cover of this dvd doesn’t really do it justice to the hot and sexy action inside.  There is little in the way of pussy insertion and even pussy licking in this movie but for me and obviously many others on the site it is an all time classic and enough to make me cum buckets.

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Japanese lesbians engaged in deep and sensual kissing and group sex

Japanese lesbians kissing and having group sex


I don’t know of anything much hotter than watching girls engaged in a tender and passionate kissing session and this Japanese lesbian video features 3 of the sexiest Asian teens who you can really tell just love other girls.  Lots of passionate and deep girls kissing girls and much, much more.

This is just so fucking sexy!  I want more of this type of Japanese porn..


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Japanese lesbians shave each others pussies and have a wild lesbo gangbang

japanese lesbians shave each others pussies


Im a massive fan of Japanese women with shaved pussies so when I saw the cover of this Japanese lesbian dvd called shaven beauty therapy I added it to my download list straight away.  The story involves a simple suburban woman going to the beauty therapist  where she is molested by the horny Japanese lesbian staff!

They lie her down and shave her pussy before the 3 girls engage in a wild lesbian gangbang.  In one of the sexiest Japanese porn scenes I’ve ever seen, one of the girls darts her tongue into the other girls pussy fucking her hole really quickly as all the girls moan and rub their hands over each others naked body.  Hot women, extremely hot girl on girl sex and Japanese ladies with perfectly shaved pussies..  Fucking awesome!!


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Japanese lesbian milfs bully and molest the new girl in town

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*Video:japanese lesbian milfs fucking younger girl



Damm bullies!  A lonely wife who is new to the neighbourhood is picked on by 3 dominant women who live nearby and are like a gang of catty bitches.  They seem to take a disliking to the new lady in town but really they are just hiding their feelings of desire and lust for her hot body.

They cannot control their feelings anymore and end up pinning the poor girl down and ravish her body, pleasuring her as they slide their hands all over her body and licking her pussy and ass.  This is what the girls really wanted and this is some hot and crazy Japanese lesbian milf action that winds up in a sexy Asian gangbang.

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Erotic and sensual Japanese lesbians make each other orgasm



Wow, this is one of the most perfectly erotic Japanese lesbian videos I have ever seen.  So sensual and sexy these two beautiful seductive Asian girls really do appear that they are very hot for each other and are enjoying themselves.

Although more on the erotic rather than hardcore side there is still plenty of explicit action as the girls lick pussy and fuck each other with dildo as they moan and bring each other to orgasm.  A definite classic that belongs in any true Asian lesbian fan, this flic rates an easy 5 stars.


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Japanese lesbian schoolgirls in group sex battle

japanese lesbian teens battle in groupsex at school



It is a type of porn that is definitely without a doubt original to Japan. We will in no way encounter anything such as this offered in the usa. You’ll discover twenty girls in this particular movie and all appear plus take pleasure in the role of teen Asian Schoolgirls just right. They all possess the youthful lady across the street overall look and do not seem like adult actresses, at least coming from an American’s opinion, which is really a prime quality I love with regards to Japanese Porn Videos.

The film begins with each selection of Japanese schoolgirls passing one another around the stairs, one particular gang wearing pink in addition to the other in blue, showing one another dirty looks. After that the pink collection locates one of the others on her own and they sieze her, carry her to an vacant school room and molest her. This girl puts up some sort of half ass fight while the schoolgirls take goes at french kissing her and even stroking on the lady’s tongue and the all the other lesbian schoolgirls express joy approvingly. They get her on the floor, remove their panties and have turns seated on top of the poor girls entire face compelling her to lick their hairy pussies. Next the horny girls unveil a number of big Hitachi vibrators to focus over the kidnapped girls’ boobs and slit, then additional vibrators following which the lady is finished off with a strapon dildo on fuck provided by 3 of the pink outfitted babes.

She’s later encouraged by her blue clothed schoolgirl friends whereby they decide a policy of reprisal. They identify two associated with the rival party on their own and they abduct them making them kiss and lick not to mention suck upon each other’s tongues. They also start using a variety of vibrators on both ladies leading them to each have multi exciting climaxes. Next on the top of this faculty both the teams join so the frontrunners from the circle have what looks like a kissing game. They tongue make out plus lick the other and even spit into one another’s face to the cheers and encouragement from both squads.

They end up on a mattress where they resume a kissing/wrestling competition tickling each others breasts and moreover having fun with each others pussies while their own class mates encourage all of them on. They finally get undressed and so lap at each other’s Japanese teen pussies and as a result deliver one another towards orgasm by way of fucking using a twin dong dildo. By the stares coming from all taking part it appears like a good method to deal with all their rivalries! After that we are back once again inside the class together with each of them groups arranged face to face and as a result of trading filthy looks in addition to looking each other down the horny Japanese schoolgirls commence lustfully making out. Then they all eat out one another’s wet pussies and start fucking each other by using double dong sex toys as well as strapons evolving into an exciting japanese lesbian gangbang with a lot of three-way tongue kissing!

I thought it was a wacky plus wild idea although While i enjoyed all of the sweet young females getting into plenty of pretty passionate kissing and love-making with no shortage of pussy licking along with messy saliva facials


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